Decent read

Ballistic - Mark Greaney

No doubt, its a nail biting thriller. But it looks like it came straight out of a Hollywood movie. Some twist and turns are bit overdone. Overall a recommended read for adrenalin rush.

The Gray Man book 3

Ballistic - Mark Greaney

Started with the trademark action sequence....Court is now in Mexico....

The Return of Qin Yu

The Return of Qin Yu - Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi, he-man not as good as previous

Nine Swords Immortal Mansion

Nine Swords Immortal Mansion - Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi, he-man ok

Blind Justice

Blind Justice - Bruce Alexander definitely worth reading. Likeable characters...Sir John and Jeremy. want to know how Jeremy grows up in the series....

Dead Irish

Dead Irish - John Lescroart The perspective changes are abrupt...making it kind of difficult to follow. still an ok read....looking forward for other books in the series.

The Crucifix Killer

The Crucifix Killer - Chris Carter well!! this one kept me guessing till the end....

The Gray Man

The Gray Man - Mark Greaney Non stop action

Blood Work

Blood Work - Michael Connelly Didn't like the ending...overall good read...

Black Light

Black Light - Stephen Hunter starting was slow.....but finishing was nail biting.....recommended read....

The Gray Wolf Throne

The Gray Wolf Throne - Cinda Williams Chima Finally finished it......what to say.....it's awesome......
Well I hope Cuffs becomes the king.....not sure he should marry wit riasa....I am rooting for the wizard twin


Darke - Angie Sage, Mark Zug Again a very good book of a good series. Nice and riveting plot. Highly recommended.

Can't wait for the next installment. Also Jenna getting more irritating. My least liked character. Missed Wolf Boy and Aunt Zelda. Only a page for them in the entire book.


Syren - Angie Sage Very nice book...Quite riveting story.....I love the Wolf boy and Lucy in book 5.

The plot was good....some more stuff on the tunnels is revealed. I got a feeling that the ice tunnels will be having something with the main plot.

On the other hand Jenna is turning into a bitch. Quite irritating. I liked her character in the previous books but this time it was pure awful. Even Beetle irritated a bit. Zelda and Marcia are fun as ever.

Highly Recommended Series.

The Thief

The Thief - Megan Whalen Turner I will do a short review....Well I liked the book...I liked the storyline of the book. The twist at the end was not I was expecting...frankly I kind of figured out that "useless senior" will betray the group, but I had no idea about the identity of Gen.
The only thing that stopped me giving it 5 stars is that I hate first person narrations. I do not find them to do justice to the plot.

But this is definitely a worth read....

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